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RexJet understands needs We understand your needs

Whatever your reasons for hiring an executive aircraft, be it a series of business meetings, filming on location or simply an impulsive holiday to a remote destination, we know that you want to deal only with the best professionals who can be counted on to see to all the details so that you can be free to focus on the things that are important to you.

At RexJet, we have a team of professionals with decades of combined experience working 24/7 to plan and monitor all stages of your charter, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. Our team has experienced almost every challenge of a complicated international charter and so we always plan your itinerary with full contingencies in mind. This same level of responsiveness and thoroughness is what makes our medical evacuation operation the biggest and most trusted in Australia and the region.

We are also aware that you require the highest level of discreet impeccable service. Having organized charters for Heads of State including Royalties, Presidents and Prime Ministers as well as for international celebrities, we are used to responding to all special requests and any unique requirements. We will even deploy a senior manager to accompany your flight if needed.
RexJet provides the right aircraft to suit your every need The right aircraft to suit your every need

RexJet has a global inventory of over 1500 aircraft to respond to almost every need imaginable; from helicopters and twin engine pistons, to corporate jets and wide-body Airbuses and Boeings.

We are therefore able to handle any enquiry regardless of size, origin and duration, giving you a one-stop solution tailored to meet your needs. Unlike other charter companies, RexJet is not affiliated with any particular aircraft manufacturer. This ensures you are only offered cost-effective and unbiased solutions that fit your exact requirements.
RexJet understands needs A solid partner

RexJet’s parent company is an aviation group of companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with over 1000 staff. RexJet can draw on the resources of its parent company to tap into more than 300 professional pilots, 70 aircraft and a whole range of logistics and freight expertise to respond to emergencies and contingencies.

Being part of the group, RexJet also complies with the same stringent level of Safety Management Systems and operating procedures as its parent company, giving you the peace of mind that your charter is being handled with the same standards as a regular passenger flight.